Emily Medley

Needy Pig

Needy Pig

I'm half way through completing a range of cards called Needy Pig. Based on people I have met, who no matter what you say, they like to trump it with their woes / needs. So, for example: You're ill. You are actually ill. But no, they are suddenly more ill. It's your birthday, but it's all about them…. These people are deeply annoying, so making them funny is my way of coping….

Needy pig birthday
See, all about NP

In the land of Needy Pigs, Looking your best is a priority….

Needy pig, valentine
This one is more straight forward

In the land of Needy Pigs, Valentine's Day is one of the most popular day of the year...

Needy Pig
Needy Pig is weird

In the land of Needy Pigs, a large well attended birthday party is essential

needy pig
It's still all about Needy Pig...

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30. January, 2018 |

This is great - I love these dog stars cards



01. August, 2014 |

We're getting a cocker spaniel tomorrow that we are going to call Jarvis :-)

Antony Medley

Antony Medley

17. January, 2012 |

I'll grow one if you get rid of yours first.



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